As of the 1st of March 2018, we will not be accepting enrolments from overseas students for the following courses:
10362 NAT Certificate I in Spoken and Written English
10363 NAT Certificate II in Spoken and Written English
10364 NAT Certificate III in Spoken and Written English
10365 NAT Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English (Further Studies)

This is due to a course transition and restructure. For more information, please email admissions@waifs.wa.edu.au or call 6200 6200.


Whether you are a competent English speaker or a beginner to the language, WAIFS caters for your needs, with a range of English classes from Certificate I in Spoken and Written English through to Certificate IV.

All WAIFS English Certificates are recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This means that, at WAIFS, you are undertaking a nationally recognised qualification, not just simply a general English course (ELICOS). Enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers provide you with a multi-dimensional approach to learning.

Each English course is arranged into a series of modules designed to maximise your potential in a specific language-skill area; for example, speaking or grammar. You are given opportunities to demonstrate and further your knowledge of the language through a variety of projects and assessment tasks, with a specific focus on developing your speaking and listening skills, as well as improving reading and writing.

We offer specialised support to WAIFS students on Wednesdays, as well as a new program which students and non students can enrol into that will help to thoroughly prepare them before undertaking an IELTS exam. For more information please click on the IELTS Intensive Preparation Program (Non-CRICOS) link below.

Students who have completed our English courses have gone on to tertiary studies or employment filled with greater confidence in their English language skills.