All Courses

The West Australian Institute of Further Studies offers a comprehensive selection of courses for students seeking to advance their education and career.

Business courses focus on building essential skills and knowledge for success in the competitive world of commerce.

Childcare courses empower our students with the skills necessary to create a nurturing and secure space for children.

Cookery & Hospitality courses provide practical training in culinary arts, food service, and hospitality management.

Dental courses equip students with foundational skills and knowledge for a career as a dental assistant.

Health/Community courses prepare students for careers in the healthcare industry and community services, such as aged care, disability support, and mental health.

English courses cater to non-native speakers, offering language skills improvement for work or personal reasons.

Management courses aim to develop essential skills for excelling in management roles across various industries.

These courses provide diverse career opportunities for students, and the West Australian Institute of Further Studies strives to ensure quality education and training in all its programs.