Policies and Procedures

Motivation to Learn English

NC23-PP001 Access and Equity Policy

NC23-PP005 Admissions and Student Selection Policy and Procedure

NC23-PP003 Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedure

NC23-PP004 Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

NC23-PP005 Course Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure

NC23-PP007 Course Progress, Mandatory Intervention and Completion within Expected Duration Policy and Procedure

NC18-PP007 Critical Incident Policy

NC18-PP008 ELICOS Attendance Policy and Procedure for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) students


NC18-PP010 Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

NC23-PP011 Drugs and Alcohol Policy

NC23-PP012 Education Agent Policy

NC18-PP013 Events and Activities Policy and Procedure

NC18-PP014 Explanatory Notes on Requesting Release From WAIFS

NC23-PP015 International Student Fees and Finances Policy

NC23-PP016 Maintaining Student Contact and Next of Kin Details Policy

NC18-PP019 Privacy Policy

NC23-PP020 Qualifications Issuance Policy

NC18-PP021 Refund and Cancellation Fee Policy for Domestic Students

NC18-PP022 Refund and Cancellation Policy for International Students

NC18-PP023 Transfer Between Registered Providers Policy

NC18-PP024 Tuition Assurance Policy (International Students)

NC18-PP025 Under 18 Student Management Policy

NC23-PP026 What is a Critical Incident Info For Students

NC23-PP027 Welcome to Perth

NC23-PP029 Work Placement FAQs

NC23-PP030 Mental Health Support

NC23-PP031 OSHC Policy

2018-PP031 WAIFS Australian Defence Force Reserve Service Private Sector Leave Policy

NC18-PP032 Plagiarism Policy.