International Students

Choosing to leave home and come to Australia to study as an international student can be a scary thought. But WAIFS will do its utmost best to make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable!

Whilst our courses will help you in taking your first steps towards your dream future, you will have the opportunity to explore Perth and immerse yourself in Australian culture, as all our courses are only 2* days per week.

To help guide you, visit our About Perth and About WAIFS page and discover what we have to offer you.

You may also be curious as to the average living costs in Australia to ensure that you are financially prepared when moving here. You can find a brief guide to the costs associated with living and studying in Australia here.

International students are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act). It sets out the legal framework governing delivery of education to international students in Australia on a student visa.

*ELICOS English courses and vocational courses with a practical placement may require additional study/work-placement days.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Send in your application documents
    • Passport Copy (ID Page)
    • International Application Form & SSVF Form
    • Highest Academic Qualification
    • Proof of English
  2. Receive a letter of offer (LoO) from WAIFS, return a completed and signed copy.
  3. Make your Enrolment payment
  4. Apply for a Student Visa
  5. Start your studies in Australia!

Please note: enrollment document/information required may differ depending on your individual circumstances.

If you are looking for more information on our courses and/or the enrolment procedure, please feel free to contact or call (+61) 8 6200 6200.

Proof of English 
Some international students will need to sit an approved English test to study in Australia such as the General or Academic IELTS Test. You may be able to sit this test through a computer as well.

Other students may be able to sit our free online placement test instead. Simply¬†contact us and we’ll let you know specific information for your study plans.