Our student services officers are available to provide you with help and support. They have access to a wealth of information, so just ask them for help when you need it. They’ll be only too glad to be of assistance!

Student Services should be the first place students go for:
• Any query on your studies (you can also approach your trainers but it may be easier for student services to make an appointment for you)
• WAIFS policies and procedures
• Referral to the WAIFS counsellor
• Information on WAIFS facilities and services or referral to an external specialist service e.g. a lawyer
• If a critical incident occurs (see WAIFS critical incident policy )
• Queries on fees and refunds
• Anything else

Remember we are here to help!

Don’t let worry eat at your mind – ask for support from student services.

Facilities at WAIFS and Beyond
WAIFS is committed to providing you with excellent facilities, both academically and socially, to ensure that you feel at home. Our newly-outfitted campus provides great facilities, including a recreation area with satellite TV, entertainment, vending machines and couches.

You can even pre-order food at the food court and pick it up at lunch!

For your studies we have well equipped classrooms, wireless internet throughout the building and the ability to borrow laptops throughout the day to assist you in your study.

If you have young children, you may want to join WAIFS parents’ group to meet other parents and make new friends.

If you are an international student, whether you are in Australia on your own or with your family, WAIFS offers services to meet your needs and make the Australian experience one you will always remember!

When you start at WAIFS, just like at any organization, you need a lot of important information right away. Attendance at our orientation days is therefore compulsory, so that it gives us the chance to help you commence your course ‘on the right foot’ and be better prepared for your student experience. Orientation is not only about your courses and what is required from you; you will also be provided with information on banking, shopping, public transport, sports facilities, where to go for medical help and so on.

Airport Pick-Up
If you would like to be picked up from the airport, just fill in the ‘Airport Pick-up’ section on the application form and return it to student services at admissions@waifs.wa.edu.au or by fax to + 61 (0)8 6200 6201 at least seven (7) days before your arrival date in Perth.