Protection of Fees in Advance

WAIFS implements the ‘TAC (Training Accreditation Council) Guideline on the Protection of Fees in Advance’. The TAC is Western Australia’s course accrediting body, responsible for the quality assurance of vocational education and training services in WA.

The TAC Guideline ensures that, if a students’ training organisation ceases to operate or is unable to provide the services outlined in it’s contract, mechanisms are in place in order to protect a student’s investment and provide access to funds or a comparable course acceptable to the student at no additional cost. The application of this Guideline minimises the potential for students to be left financially disadvantaged.

WAIFS therefore implements the following policy in relation to ‘Capping of fees paid in advance’:
WAIFS only accepts payment up to $500 prior to the commencement of the course, unit or competency for which you are enrolled. Following commencement of the course/unit/competency, WAIFS accepts no more than $1000 in advance at any given time from each student for tuition services yet to be received.