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  • David

    Name: David Raul BARRERA VIUCHE

    Age: 25 years old

    Country: Colombia

    Course: Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

    “My name is David Barrera, 25 years old. I come from Bogota, Colombia and I have been in Australia for 18 months. Since my landing to the land’s of Aussie, I got a purpose to learn, improve and get into English Language. When I came at WAIFS for the first time, I felt in myself that I had found the proper place to achieve my dreams. After months of study in the English courses and currently Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, I am so glad because this institution is more than a college. It is a family and having a good relationship with the classmates. The teachers and administration staffs help you and lead you into the right way. Thanks WAIFS for all you have done!”